July 15, 2022

Vitamin D & Me!™ Receives NutraIngredients-USA “Industry Initiative of the Year” Award – Nutrasource Acknowledged as Key Scientific Partner

The Vitamin D & Me!™ project is a unique industry collaboration of which Nutrasource is proud to have been a partner along with Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) and Aspirant IT Solutions. There are many aspects of this initiative that make it unique, but perhaps the key factor is that from its conception all parties agreed that the science would drive the content. 

At first glance this may not seem very novel because there is a lot of “science based” content available through a variety of media channels. However, the difference is that this content was not “science based”, we weren’t using science to support a message.

The content for Vitamin D & Me!™ was science driven, science didn’t support our message, it was our message.

We established criteria for what content would be shared on the site. Using a systematic review approach, we identified search terms and inclusion/exclusion criteria to guide the content so that all types of research related to Vitamin D and COVID-19 were shared while minimizing bias as to what studies were highlighted. We agreed that all types of studies would be included: observational, case control, epidemiological, randomized controls, and metanalyses.

“CRN is thrilled that Vitamin D & Me!™ was honored by NutraIngredients and we sincerely thank Nutrasource for being a great partner on this important initiative,” said CRN President and CEO Steve Mister.

“We could not have achieved what we did without their key work as our scientific partner. This effort succeeds not only because the great information being shared with consumers, but the very credible way in which it is delivered. During a worldwide pandemic, this information was particularly critical and helped people manage their health amidst some huge challenges. We look forward to continued partnership with Nutrasource and will look for more ways to work with them going forward.”

After reviewing and summarizing hundreds of studies it became clear just how impactful this work could be. Not just because it highlights an important connection between Vitamin D and health, but that it demonstrates the importance of nutritional epidemiology as part of the research process which highlights the connection between nutrition and disease, and ultimately drives public health policy. It is  our hope that the process by which we conducted this initiative sets a precedent for future endeavors whereby the science drives the message. Furthermore, it sets an example of just how valuable an industry collaboration can be.

Another unique aspect of this initiative is the video interviews of leading vitamin D researchers conducted by Nutrasource President & CEO, William Rowe. These one-on-one conversations provided the opportunity to ask the researchers key questions that many consumers and brands may have about research and how it connects to their health and to their daily lives. The conversations bring a personal, applicable, and connected perspective to the science behind the content and are available on the Vitamin D and Me!™ website.

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