Upfront Planning

Study start-up delays account for the majority of clinical trials failing to achieve desired timelines. Delays in study conduct can prevent your product from reaching your target consumers and may prevent you from achieving revenue goals.

At SGS Nutrasource, we understand that upfront planning is critical to clinical trial success. Planning must be coordinated in cooperation with your clinical team. We take a proactive approach to study start-up and planning, with a clear, common direction and vision while leveraging the available data. This provides your study with the best chance for success, reducing downstream delays through strategic insight from the very beginning.

Comprehensive Solutions

To optimize performance at every stage of the clinical trial start-up process, SGS Nutrasource provides comprehensive solutions as part of our full-service engagement. This includes feasibility studies and clinical trial design diligence, site identification, qualification, selection and contracting, regulatory and ethics submissions, and essential document management including Trial Master Files and investigator site file setup.

For clinical trials performed at our on-site facility, our solutions also include recruitment strategies and execution. We pride ourselves on having a responsive team committed to your success. For studies that could be more efficiently conducted off-site, we utilize our network of investigators to identify and engage not only the right sites, but also the right number of sites, for your unique clinical research program.

SGS Nutrasource’s approach to study start-up provides our partners with:

  • Access to our North American site database, optimized contracting processes, and proven expertise in regulatory and ethics requirements in both Canada and the U.S.
  • Enhancement of protocols to reduce risk of regulatory or ethics rejection
  • Faster investigator contracting timelines
  • Optimized recruitment strategies by therapeutic indication
  • Pre-identification of eligible participants for on-site trials through online tools and targeted multi-channel outreach

Learn how we can help you optimize the study start-up phase to avoid costly delays.