Investing in clinical trial feasibility is an important but often overlooked first step in clinical research. Feasibility studies provide a realistic assessment of the potential to successfully conduct and deliver a clinical trial, including strategic, scientific, operational, and patient recruitment considerations.

At SGS Nutrasource, this is a critical step that influences where a study is placed and how patient recruitment is executed. Several factors are considered when determining feasibility. These include study population availability, study design and outcome measures, environmental requirements, and country regulations.

Clinical trials participant recruitment and enrollment is the largest barrier to successfully executing a clinical trial. Understanding the Sponsor’s timelines and budget is key to determining an appropriate strategy to successfully recruit sites and patients.

Our team understands that achieving an optimal clinical trial operational strategy requires the combination of feasibility, patient recruitment, site alliances, and site intelligence. Accurate feasibility data is required to successfully plan trial milestones. Choosing the right strategy, site selection, and number of sites for your clinical trial is key to timely enrollment and study success.

Our clients benefit from a feasibility report, outlining specific feedback received from sites, including a flexible plan that allows you to make informed decisions regarding cost versus time savings.

Learn how we can help you assess the feasibility of your clinical trial.