With every clinical project comes challenges and uncertainties as you aim for a successful market launch. Whether your goal is to be first-to-market, enter a new category, or re-position your product with a fresh claim, we will work with you to develop a robust clinical program that achieves your objectives.

With a team bringing over 120 years of experience in global regulatory, nutrition, and pharmaceutical development research, SGS Nutrasource is equipped with the in-house expertise you need to navigate the regulatory complexities and nuances of clinical development.

You will benefit from our capabilities in:

  • Multi-jurisdiction regulatory strategy and clinical regulatory affairs
  • Unique combination of clinical and regulatory oversight for clinical trial designs that achieve claims in an ever-changing regulatory environment
  • Clinical experience spanning a broad range of product types and health indications
  • Strategic site selection and management at single or multiple sites to achieve desired timelines
  • Experience in geographic placement based on regulations and access to subject population

Find out how we can help you develop the right clinical program for your needs.


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