You did your due diligence and selected what you felt was the right partner for your clinical trial, but the project did not go forward as planned. Your CRO may have even completed your trial and provided you with a data set without a report, or a report that did not provide accurate and complete information.

It is difficult to decide whether to follow through with the trial, shut it down, or switch CROs. Each has its own benefits, risks, and challenges. A rescue study could be the answer.

SGS Nutrasource is here to help you reclaim problematic studies, whether the need is due to broken Sponsor-CRO relationships, quality issues, inconsistent data collection, recruitment issues leading to lengthened project timelines, and increasing project costs. In the rescue study, we will help assess where you are, where you need to go, and what steps need to be taken to get there.

Properly transitioning your trial from your current CRO to another is challenging, but it may be necessary to achieve targets and quality. We work efficiently and accurately to protect your timeline and investment.

Learn how we can help you salvage a problematic clinical trial while keeping your end goals a top priority.


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