The product label is often a consumer’s first interaction with your brand. While it is important to have engaging design and scientifically substantiated claims, it is also critical that your food and beverage or dietary supplement/natural health product (NHP) label complies with applicable regulations.

Our team will confirm your label fulfills the detailed requirements of your target region so that you can avoid regulatory risk and concentrate on maximizing exposure in your market of interest.

We can review all aspects of your product label, including:

  • Ingredient listings
  • Allergen labelling
  • Nutrition facts panel compliance
  • Formatting/layout
  • Standard of identify/food product classification
  • Country of origin statements
  • Date markings
  • Food-specific labelling requirements
  • Bilingual labelling requirements
  • Ensuring minimum requirements are met for allergen claims, composition and quality claims, health claims, method of production claims, organic claims, origin claims, nutrient content claims, and structure/function claims

Learn how we can help you achieve label compliance according to the latest regulations.


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