April 30, 2024

SGS Nutrasource Introduces International Algal Oil Standards (IAOS™) Product Certification

Guelph, April 30th, 2024 — SGS Nutrasource is delighted to unveil the third addition to its Omega-3 analytics and certification portfolio, the International Algal Oil Standards (IAOS™). This product certification is designed for algal oil omega-3 ingredient manufacturers and finished product brands.

IAOS™ has been developed to address the growing global interest in algal oil products. It sets a new benchmark for quality in this rapidly evolving industry by testing products against the highest industry standards, ensuring that the algal oil produced meets stringent quality, safety, and purity requirements.

“With the growing popularity of alternative omega-3 sources in the marketplace, SGS Nutrasource is proud to introduce the International Algal Oil Standards program,” says Kevin Yan, Vice President of Certifications and Analytics at SGS Nutrasource. “By applying the same rigorous standards of our other marine oil certification programs to algal oils, we continue to highlight quality and transparency in this important, growing, dietary supplement category.”

IAOS™ introduces a new level of transparency within the industry, empowering brands to demonstrate their commitment to producing high-quality, reliable algal oil omega-3 products. The certification serves as a seal of approval, instilling confidence in consumers about the integrity of the products they purchase.

Both the IAOS™ logo and program name have been submitted for trademarking, reinforcing SGS Nutrasource's commitment to establishing this certification as a recognized seal of quality in the industry.

For more information about IAOS™, visit https://certifications.nutrasource.ca/about/how-certifications-work/iaos 

About SGS Nutrasource

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