All pre-packaged foods and beverages in the U.S. and Canada must have a nutrition label that complies with the respective country’s regulations.

In Canada, the Nutrition Facts Table must comply with Health Canada’s specific, detailed specifications for size, format, and content, as well as additional product-specific requirements. In the U.S., the Nutrition Facts Label has equally stringent yet distinct standards for compliance set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Our skilled team of nutritional scientists and regulatory affairs specialists have expertise in reviewing nutrition labels for compliance with Canadian and U.S. regulations. We will verify that your nutrition label contains all mandatory information and that each aspect meets the regulations. Nutrition label requirements include:

  • Adhering to appropriate Nutrition Facts panel size and layout
  • Ensuring label claims (e.g., nutrient content claims) comply with nutrient quantity standards and other factors
  • Complying with appropriate serving sizes and reference amounts per product type/category
  • Ensuring Nutrition Facts panels reflect updated regulations and guidelines

Learn how we can help you achieve label compliance according to the latest regulations.