SGS Nutrasource brings the capabilities and scientific acumen of a global CRO while delivering the high-quality results you’d expect from your own team.

Our number one priority is you, the client. Everything we do—from offering flexible service packages to maintaining a diverse team suited to your project—is focused on providing you with the confidence to grow your business in an increasingly competitive market.

As your own virtual R&D department, we exist to tackle your toughest scientific problems and help you achieve your objectives. Whether your goals are straightforward and low-risk, or exceedingly complex with high stakes and a substantial investment on the line, we work in an integrated manner to offer you the highest possible quality and efficiency.

SGS Nutrasource has humble roots and a big future. As our business expands, our promise remains the same: to help you support claims so you can grow your health products business through strong science and regulatory credibility.

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