SGS Nutrasource was established in Canada in 2002. Since then, the company has grown from a single desk in a small office unit to a global CRO and consulting firm. Today, SGS Nutrasource employs over 100 staff across four sites in North America.

Over the past nearly two decades, SGS Nutrasource has expanded its services far beyond its original omega-3 blood test to include international regulatory capabilities, certification programs, clinical trials, and complete testing solutions for a vast array of consumer health products.

Headquartered in Guelph, Ontario, SGS Nutrasource is positioned in the heart of Southwestern Ontario’s agricultural, nutrition, and biotechnology research hub. In recent years, the company expanded further to bring testing capabilities in-house through the acquisition of Mississauga-based laboratory, Diteba (NDI ADRL Inc.). Later, regulatory firm GRAS Associates was acquired to better serve the U.S. market, providing food safety regulatory solutions for a wide range of products.

By focusing first and foremost on the needs of its customers, SGS Nutrasource has established itself as a leading CRO serving the Canadian, U.S., and European health product markets.

We are proud to have helped hundreds of health product companies develop and launch safe, effective, high-quality products to better people’s lives through improved health and wellness.

Our History


Will Rowe, an ambitious entrepreneur with an idea, partners with Dr. Bruce J. Holub, renowned omega-3 researcher and Professor Emeritus at the University of Guelph, to commercialize a diagnostic test that measures blood omega-3 levels.


Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc. is established as a company, co-founded by Mr. Rowe and Dr. Holub. The company hires one staff member in a single office unit in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.


The small start-up enters the product testing market to help dietary supplement manufacturers validate the safety and quality of their omega-3 fish oils.


To strengthen the company’s commitment to fish oil quality, Nutrasource launches the International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) Program – a pioneer in third-party certifications for the health products industry. The Natural Health Product Regulations officially come into force in Canada, prompting Nutrasource to offer consulting services to help companies navigate these new and confusing regulatory requirements. A dozen employees are hired to keep up with the volume of testing and regulatory applications.


Nutrasource adds clinical trials services to assist companies in generating supporting safety and efficacy data for their foods and natural products. A new 5,000-square-foot clinical research facility is built to accommodate on-site trials approved by Health Canada.


The first clinical study conducted by Nutrasource researchers is published. The company now employs 25 staff, including regulatory affairs specialists and additional clinical trials personnel.


To keep up with the growing regulatory requirements in Canada and the U.S., Nutrasource expands its services and adds divisions dedicated to Nutrition and Nutraceutical Research, Clinical Trials, and Product Analytics.


Nutrasource submits its first food health claim application to Health Canada on behalf of the soy industry. Additional regulatory affairs specialists are hired to manage the high volume of regulatory filings and research.


In response to the shift toward drug development for the dietary supplement market, Nutrasource further deepens its solutions to encompass pharmaceutical regulatory and clinical research. The company now employs over 50 staff.


Nutrasource acquires Diteba, a leading Canadian laboratory specializing in analytical and bioanalytical testing for pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, and personal care products/topicals. An additional 35 employees are added to the growing team, including analytical chemists and pharmaceutical scientists.


Nutrasource acquires GRAS Associates LLC, a U.S.-based regulatory consulting firm specializing in Generally Recognized as Safe filings for food ingredients.


In response to escalating consumer concern for GMO-free products, Nutrasource launches the International GMO Evaluation and Notification (IGEN) Program commercially, partnering with Whole Foods Market to become a preferred service supplier in the U.S. The company further expands its clinical trials team, adding 6 full-time employees.


Nutrasource celebrates its 15th anniversary and takes on a new company name: Nutrasource Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Services. The company begins planning for a large-scale expansion of the Diteba laboratory to increase testing capacity and capabilities, including cannabis analysis.


Today, Nutrasource is a global CRO headquartered in Guelph’s bustling research hub, employing over 100 employees worldwide.


Despite the uncertainty this year as brought, Nutrasource remains fully operational with an unwavering passion for the success of its clients.