Launching a food or beverage is a complex task laden with scientific and regulatory uncertainty. A successful product launch requires a thorough understanding of the regulations in your desired market. The requirements for food and beverage safety, manufacturing, labelling, ingredient content, and health claims differ from region to region. Adding to the complexity is the vast array of regulatory filings available, such as GRAS submissions and novel food notifications.

At SGS Nutrasource, we provide the regulatory oversight and in-depth expertise you need to launch or re-position your food or beverage confidently and with strong supporting evidence.
Our team has extensive experience helping companies navigate the regulations for foods and beverages to successfully and launch products in a timely manner. Our experts have close working relationships with both Health Canada and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to liaise on your behalf.

Our goal is to help you determine the most strategic pathway to compliance so that you can focus on selling and marketing your product.

Learn how we can help you confidently gain market access and market your food with strong supporting science and regulatory assurance.



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