The development of a pharmaceutical drug is a complex, multifaceted process requiring the highest level of strategic planning and project management from beginning to end. Our experienced regulatory team can partner with you to design and implement a drug development strategy that will ensure compliance with Health Canada and U.S. FDA requirements for prescription drugs.

SGS Nutrasource is uniquely positioned between the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries, bringing expertise and experience from both market segments to provide superior value and high-quality outcomes for our clients. Our “pharma-lite” product development strategy allows your firm to maximize time-to-market while optimizing your R&D budget.

We help guide Sponsors in understanding and complying with the various regulatory requirements to ensure your pharmaceutical is properly positioned. We also offer dietary supplement to drug strategy consulting to explore the pharmaceutical potential of natural products and navigate the complexities and differences between the two pathways.

Learn how we can help you design a pharmaceutical development plan that delivers results.


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