With our clients’ wide-ranging needs in mind, we have built a diverse team of multidisciplinary leaders and scientific professionals with vast experience across all types of product categories and regulatory regions.

Our knowledgeable, highly-trained experts will take on your most challenging scientific problems while providing fully customized solutions, unmatched strategic guidance, and exceptional customer service.


Executive Team

William Rowe

William Rowe

President & Chief Executive Officer

Brad Wallace

Brad Wallace

Chief Operating Officer

Senior Leadership

Joshua Baisley

Joshua Baisley, H.B.Sc.

Senior Vice President, Clinical Operations

Chris Burkhart

Chris Burkhart, B.Com., MIR

Senior Vice President, Business Development

Amy Mozingo

Amy Mozingo, MS

Vice President, US Nutra Regulatory Sciences

Tania John

Tania John, M.Sc.

Vice President, NHP & Pharmaceutical Regulatory Sciences

Business Development and Marketing

Loren Brown

Loren Brown

Director, Business Development, Human and Animal Regulatory and Clinical Services

Elisa Fernández

Elisa Fernández, B.Sc.

Director, Business Development, Human and Animal Regulatory and Clinical Services

Josh Edwards

Josh Edwards

Global Product Certifications

Michael Barr

Michael Barr, B.Sc., (ENG)

Natural Health Product & Pharmaceutical Services

Ruth Rodrigues

Ruth Rodrigues, BASc

Marketing Manager

Regulatory Affairs

Margitta Dziwenka

Margitta Dziwenka, DVM, DABT

Consulting Veterinarian/Toxicologist

Bernd Licht

Bernd Licht

Director of Quality

Nidhi Joshi

Nidhi Joshi, B.Sc., RAQC

Regulatory Affairs Manager

Paula Guerra

Paula Guerra, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Regulatory Affairs Manager

Clinical Trial Management

Stephanie Recker

Stephanie Recker, M.Sc.

Director, Program Management

Stéphanie-Anne Girard

Stéphanie-Anne Girard, PhD

Director, Scientific Affairs

Ana Samborski

Ana Samborski, M.Sc., Pharm, QPIC

Manager, Pharmacy


Fahim , B.Sc., Eng

Manager, Data Management

Jun Wang

Jun Wang, M.Sc.

Biostatistics Manager

Lois Lin

Lois Lin, Ph.D., MWC

Medical Writing Team Lead

Certifications and Analytics

Kevin Yan

Kevin Yan, M.Sc.

VP, Certifications and Analytics

Hyun-Ah Kim

Hyun-Ah Kim, BA, Client Relations Specialist

Program Manager

Erin Hudson

Erin Hudson, B.Sc.

Program Manager


Jeff Donkersgoed

Jeff Donkersgoed, B.A.Sc. (Eng)

Senior Director, Communications & IT

Sagar Acharya

Sagar Acharya, M.Pharm., RQAP-GCP

Quality Assurance Manager, Corporate

Sue Saman

Sue Saman, B.Sc.

Finance Manager

Sophie Wilkinson

Sophie Wilkinson, H.Bcomm

Human Resources Manager

Cynthia Jarvis

Cynthia Jarvis

Office Administrator