The cannabis market, including cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD), is fast-moving with vast opportunities for growth. Although the cannabis industry has a promising outlook, it faces substantial scientific and regulatory challenges. These include supporting product claims and marketing statements, ensuring product standardization and stability, and characterizing ingredients and active compounds.

SGS Nutrasource’s leadership position in nutraceuticals, fats and oils, and extracts, and knowledge of the regulatory landscape for both dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals, allow us to apply our scientific solutions platform to the cannabis market.

SGS Nutrasource can recommend strategies for the entire product lifecycle for your cannabis, CBD, or hemp product, from innovation and product conceptualization to strategy, research, and compliance.

We can assist with a wide range of product types and delivery formats for cannabis and cannabis-derived products, including:

  • Fresh or dried cannabis
  • Cannabis extracts
  • Cannabis oils
  • CBD oils
  • Hemp oils
  • Cannabis edibles (foods and drinks)
  • CBD edibles (foods and drinks)
  • Mucosal cannabis applications (e.g., sublingual)
  • Cannabis topicals and cosmetics (creams, salves, liniments)
  • Cannabis tinctures/sprays
  • Cannabis smoking
  • Cannabis vaporizing (vaping)
  • Medical cannabis/cannabis for medical use

SGS Nutrasource is fully equipped to provide your company with the science, data, and research it needs to develop and launch cannabis products in the United States, Canada, and other regions.

Learn how we can help you solve your biggest R&D, research, and regulatory challenges to successfully commercialize your cannabis product.


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