Selecting the right site for your clinical trial and effectively managing its operations is essential for project success. With your goals as the top priority, we review requests for proposal strategically to place your study in the right country and at the right sites.

Using data and experience, we will provide the best solution for your clinical program by placing the study at our own Canadian site, or at one or more of our sites in our North American network. When selecting clinical trial sites, we consider regulatory barriers, indication prevalence, and subject availability while balancing your expectations of time and budget.

Site feasibilities and qualification visits by our Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) dictate which sites are chosen for your project to meet or exceed your goals. Our CRAs are key in managing sites as the study progresses, through subject visits phases until completion, paying close attention to the quality of the study data and safety of the subjects.

Learn how we can help you choose the right clinical trial site for your unique project.