Unanticipated manufacturing errors can be detrimental to a product’s safety, efficacy, and quality profile. Assessing a substance’s physical characteristics, from dietary supplements and foods to pharmaceuticals, is a key step in the analytical testing process. This data is used to ensure the product has been manufactured properly to your specifications.

We offer full solutions for all your physical property testing needs, including:

  • Loss on Drying
  • Moisture (Karl Fisher Titration and Coulometric)
  • Color Determination
  • Container/Closure Integrity
  • Deliverable Volume
  • Density
  • Disintegration
  • Tablet Hardness and Friability
  • pH and Conductivity
  • Product & Package Appearance
  • Viscosity, Osmolarity, Particulates, TOC
  • Boiling Point
  • Melting Point

Learn how we can help you validate your product’s performance through analytical testing.


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