Participant recruitment is the single largest cause of clinical trial delays. Delayed enrollment can account for up to 25% of the entire clinical program timeline.

Our team expedites the clinical trial recruitment process by taking a strategic approach customized to your study. During the initial development phases of a clinical research program, our clinical site members and marketing team strategize to understand the target population demographics, optimal advertisement placement, and strategic clinical trial branding.

SGS Nutrasource customizes the advertising approach for every clinical trial. Marketing and advertising campaigns are tailored to efficiently enrol subjects and may include physician referrals, review of internal electronic medical records, print media, radio, television, theater, community events, digital marketing, and social media.

Our team handles the preparation and ethics submissions for all marketing messaging and advertisements. We have an established Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval process to gain timely approvals of promotional materials.

In addition to study-specific advertising, SGS Nutrasource is active in the community to raise awareness of the importance of clinical research and public involvement to ensure safe and effective health products reach the market. Through education, engagement, honesty, and giving back to our community, we build trust within the local region.

As part of our community outreach program, we host open door clinics to connect with potential participants and strengthen our electronic medical records and participant database. With an extensive patient database containing over 3,000 engaged subjects and detailed electronic medical records, our dedicated staff will actively target pre-qualified potential participants while the study advertising campaign gains momentum, ensuring a steady flow of subjects from the start of the recruitment process. As part of our commitment to transparency, we offer our Sponsors reports on recruitment metrics during subject recruitment.

Learn how we can help you design a strategic patient recruitment process that delivers results.