Scientific Health Communication Services 

Let us assist your company in translating science into applicable solutions. Every ingredient, every product has a story. At Nutrasource, we combine scientific and clinical expertise with creative solutions to tell a compelling story that is supported by science, yet resonates with your target audience to enhance sales objectives. We work with you to develop a targeted, engaging communications strategy to highlight the unique aspects of your ingredient or product that set it apart from the rest.   

  • White papers 
  • Publications in peer-reviewed journals 
  • Web site and blog content 
  • Fact-checking 
  • Scripts for podcast and other promotional material 
  • Educational webinars and presentations 
  • Content for customer questions and inquiries 
  • Advisory board 
  • Expert consultation 
  • Expert representation for all aspects of media (television, podcasts, interviews etc
  • Plain language summaries 
  • Training for sales, marketing and  other team members 
  • Continuing education materials for healthcare professionals  
  • Slide decks

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