As the market for pet foods and animal supplements expands, more companies are looking to nutritive and structure/function claims to differentiate themselves.

In the US, pet foods and animal supplements are governed federally under the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and in some cases, at the individual State level as well.

In Canada, pet foods are regulated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and supplements or Veterinary Health Products (VHPs) by Health Canada.

Collectively, these Government agencies enforce applicable Acts and Regulations to ensure that products intended for pets and food-producing animals meet compliance requirements for ingredient content, product claims, and risk to human and animal health. 

To help you get your pet food or animal supplement to market quickly and efficiently, we provide guidance and scientific research in the areas of animal nutrition, animal health, and veterinary medicine.

Learn how we can help you develop and commercialize your pet product in this growing industry segment.


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