March 11, 2021

Nutrasource and Alkemist Labs Offer Synergistic Solutions for Amazon Compliance

In late November 2020, Amazon instituted a new set of requirements for all supplement sellers to provide comprehensive lists of testing results along with other quality certifications in order to sell products through Amazon's marketplace.

Since that time, both Nutrasource and Alkemist have assisted various brands with meeting these compliance requirements to maintain listing status.

"Many consumer-facing brands rely on their supply chains for science, technical support, and regulatory guidance but still require a third-party service provider to interpret the data and position their product in a transparent and compliant manner," said William Rowe, Nutrasource President and CEO. "In addition to these support services, Certifications by Nutrasource provides an additional layer of visibility to the end consumer in the areas of marine oils, probiotics, CBD and non-GMO quality."

Nutrasource continues to assist supplement companies with claims substantiation, technical label review and testing specifications whereas Alkemist provides developed and validated methods along with corresponding lots, specific test results, and certificates of analysis.

"Rigorous testing by experienced technicians using fit-for-purpose methods is at the heart of demonstrating quality," said Alkemist Labs CEO Elan Sudberg. "It's what brands that are serious about their longevity in the marketplace and credibility with consumers should insist upon."

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