The International Cannabinoid Analysis Program (ICAP) is a group of certifications for manufacturers and brands that is designed to provide consumers with freely available third-party verified testing results in order to increase confidence and improve decision making in the cannabis products market. ICAP certification is available for the following categories: THC Compliance, and Cannabinoid Vaporizer.

THC Compliance Certification Program

The THC Compliance Certification Program tests cannabis, hemp and their extracts or derivative products with appropriate methods to ensure they contain <0.20% delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ-9-THC). Under the ICAP certification program, companies and brands who produce, manufacture or process cannabis, hemp and their extracts or derivative products into food, beverage, cosmetic, dietary supplement and natural health products may apply for the THC Compliance Certification Program. This Certification Program was first launched in the USA in 2019 with a select group of cannabis companies. This program is the first step in filling a gap in the market for science-based certification programs in the cannabis market.

Cannabinoid Vaporizer Certification Program

The Cannabinoid Vaporizer Certification Program tests unique combinations of device and associated fill to determine consistency, toxicity and presence of potentially harmful compounds in the extract and vapor under different puffing parameters as well as in-vitro toxicological assessment. This Certification Program is for companies and brands who want to increase their products’ safety profile while showcasing their commitment to customer safety through science-based testing solutions. ICAP provides a platform to showcase product excellence through meaningful marketing messages around quality and transparency.

Transparency is at the heart of Certifications by Nutrasource. That’s why companies willing to “bare it all” take that extra step to get certified. It gives their suppliers, retailers and consumers peace of mind so they can find safer products made with quality ingredients. Companies that choose to test their cannabinoid products through ICAP understand the importance of transparency and are committed to product excellence.

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