Pivoting to the needs of our industry, SGS Nutrasource continues work as an essential service. 

Initially, many of our staff pivoted to remote work and we were able to continue many systems with the aid of digital tools and software. Being an essential service and some areas requiring an on-site presence, such as Certifications and Analytics, we had limited staff members come in to our headquartered site located in Guelph, Ontario. As our clinical trial site began preparations for our current studies, our Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) implemented a series of processes so that we could safely and effectively run the trials. This included thorough screening measures for both staff and participants, provision of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and making the necessary updates to the clinic such as installing partitions and social distancing decals where appropriate.

Meet our Chief Operating Officer, Brad Wallace, in this short interview and listen in as he describes SGS Nutrasource' s adaptation to the pandemic and, operationally, what that entailed.