Managing multiple trials in multiple jurisdictions

To ensure continuance of projects with minimal deviations, we monitored locations surrounding current sites for COVID-19 infection rates and status as well as during the site selection phase to implement contingency strategies. Protocol changes were made in alignment with evolving guidelines. 

As there were disruptions in international shipping, we made sure to have all IP shipping logistics figured out within the first week of the pandemic impacting North America.

With numerous ongoing trials and many in start up, we quickly assessed projects and risks which allowed us to respond rapidly and continue our trials. To prevent delays and deviations, we focused on delivery of study product and materials to sites as border closures were a major concern. 

Stephanie Recker, SGS Nutrasource's Director of Project Management, explains in the following video just what Project Management was like in the first few months of the pandemic as well as how potential COVID-19 infection among participants would be handled.