June 01, 2022

Probiota Americas + IPA World Congress


As Diamond sponsors of Probiota Americas, we invite you to join us in Washington D.C., June 1-3, to learn how Nutrasource can help you develop, research, and market your probiotic with strong science and regulatory confidence.

To book a meeting with our experts during the conference, schedule a meeting! We will reply directly with dates and times.


Roundtable Lunch: Maximizing Success with Probiotics in the Companion Animal Market with Dr. Susan Hewlings

June 2nd at 1pm

As the probiotic industry advances in various areas of health, delivery systems and technology, the opportunity to develop probiotics for the companion animal market becomes more tangible. Join Nutrasource Director of Scientific Affairs, Susan Hewlings, PhD, RD, as she facilitates the discussion on some of the options available within the companion animal development program paradigm, with a focus on both the challenges and the opportunities facing the probiotic sector. 

Presentation: Postbiotics & Structure Function Claims with Dr. Susan Hewlings 

June 3rd at 10am

With an increasing focus on the microbiome, Susan Hewlings, PhD, RD, Nutrasource Director of Scientific Affairs, aims to answer key questions surrounding post-biotics including:

  • What is needed to support structure function claims for post-biotics?
  • What a study design for a post-biotic claim may look like? 
  • What is different about post-biotics from pre- and pro-biotics?

Dr. Hewlings will also be sharing a case example. 


Attending from the Nutrasource Team