Cannabis Research is About to Grow in Canada: Here’s What You Need to Know

With the legalization of cannabis in Canada right around the corner, the demand for research on consumer cannabis products, for both recreational and for medical use, is increasing. As new products are developed, manufacturers will also need research to back up claims about their new products. In this new and exciting market there will be a lot of changes, but some things will stay the same.

Prior to legalization, cannabis products were treated as controlled substances which made research very difficult and only available to a small number of organizations. After legalization of cannabis, product research will be more accessible and the demand for new data will skyrocket. Future research areas could include everything from medical uses to product formats (oils, foods, dry leaves, etc.).

What will not change is Nutrasource’s dedication to quality clinical research. All clinical trials evaluating cannabis products will be approved by Health Canada and run under all the appropriate regulations as defined by the Food and Drug Regulations and review by an independent research ethics board.

Fill out our survey to tell us your habits and opinions about marijuana! Nutrasource wants to hear from healthy adults about their marijuana usage and how Canada-wide legalization may change your habits in the future! The information will be used to inform us how numerous upcoming Cannabis clinical trials should be organized at Nutrasource. We are looking for feedback from adults aged 19+ whether you currently use marijuana or not.