With our clients’ wide-ranging needs in mind, we have built a diverse team of multidisciplinary leaders and scientific professionals with vast experience across all types of product categories and regulatory regions.

Our knowledgeable, highly-trained experts will take on your most challenging scientific problems while providing fully customized solutions, unmatched strategic guidance, and exceptional customer service.


Executive Leadership

William Rowe

William Rowe
President & Chief Executive Officer

Brad Wallace

Brad Wallace
Chief Operating Officer

Business Development Team

Chris Burkhart

Chris Burkhart, B.Com., MIR
Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Product Analytics

Loren Brown

Loren Brown
Director of Business Development – U.S. Regulatory and Clinical Development

Jennifer Andrews

Jennifer Andrews, M.Sc., MBA
Marketing Director

Corporate Management Team

Jeff Donkersgoed

Jeff Donkersgoed, B.A.Sc. (Eng)
Director of Communications & IT

Sue Saman

Sue Saman, B.Sc.
Manager of Finance

Jane Gaviller-Fortune

Jane Gaviller-Fortune, B.Sc., RQAP-GCP
Director of Quality Assurance

Scientific Management Team

Douglas Kalman

Dr. Douglas Kalman, Ph.D., R.D., FISSN, FACN
Vice President of Scientific Affairs

Rodney Butt

Rodney Butt, M.Sc., MBA
Vice President of Regulated Products

Susan Hewlings

Dr. Susan Hewlings, Ph.D., RD
Director of Scientific Affairs

Maggie Laidlaw

Dr. Maggie Laidlaw, Ph.D.
Director of Scientific Affairs

Anna DeBoer

Dr. Anna DeBoer, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Scientific Affairs

Robert McQuate

Dr. Robert McQuate, Ph.D.
Chief Regulatory Officer – GRAS Associates

Richard Kraska

Dr. Richard Kraska, Ph.D., DABT
Chief Scientific Officer - GRAS Associates

Josh Baisley

Josh Baisley, B.Sc.
Director of Clinical Trials

Anthony Bier

Dr. Anthony Bier, MD, CCFP (EM)
Medical Director

Kevin Yan

Kevin Yan, M.Sc.
Director of Product Testing & Certifications

Tania John

Tania John, M.Sc.
Director, Regulatory Affairs, Natural Health Products & Dietary Supplements

Katherine Welsh

Katherine Welsh, B.Sc.
Data Manager

Enio Di Eugenio

Enio Di Eugenio, B.Sc.
Data Manager

Ginny Bank

Ginny Bank, B.S., M.A.
Senior Associate - GRAS Associates

Katrina Emmel

Dr. Katrina Emmel, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist/Project Manager/Associate – GRAS Associates

Michael Barr

Michael Barr, B.Sc., Chem Eng
Manager, Human Diagnostics