Introducing the NutraStrong Podcast - a campfire nutrition chat with leaders across the nutrition sector.

Find nutrition endlessly confusing? Wish you could cut through the noise and understand it better, almost as if you’re chatting with friends around a campfire?

Join health industry exec Will Rowe, CEO of Nutrasource, as he sits down with leaders across the nutrition sector for a campfire chat on the hottest topics in nutrition. The goal: to help you finally make sense of the complexities of nutrition – and become NutraStrong in the process.

Listen to our most recent episode: Getting Down to Earth to Save the Earth: Sustainability and Traceability with Karen Howard


Recent Episodes:

Episode 10: Sleep hygiene and personalized healthcare - balance vs. more with Dr. Sara Celik, ND

Episode 9: Industry Secrets From the Beverage Whisperer Himself, Ken Sadowsky

Episode 8. Fuel the need but never under fuel the goal - sports nutrition with Dr. Susan Kleiner

Episode 7. Dietary supplement claims, lawsuits and class actions - it's not like you see on TV! with Ivan Wasserman

Episode 6. Believe it or not, US dietary supplements are regulated (and other fun topics) with Rick Collins

Episode 5. Why probiotics matter now more than ever with George Paraskevakos

Episode 4. How covid-19 has changed the supplement sector with Heather Wainer 

Episode 3. Why you should be wary of the $9.99 supplements with Elan Sudberg

Episode 2. Are omega-3s still the cool kids on the block? with Ellen Schutt

Episode 1. It all starts with poop: making sense of the gut microbiome with Jason Liebert & Jason Bush

Episode 0: Introducing the NutraStrong Podcast- Campfire Nutrition




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